Define: Vespertine
By Andrew J. Stone

1. Of, pertaining to, or occurring in the evening.

2. Opening or expanding in the evening.

3. Or remember that time we danced in darkness? Your lips were painted red and your eyes buttoned black. In between shadows you whispered something into my ear. Your golden breath lingered inside my drum. And do you remember the murder of crows, fleeing from their tree?

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Andrew J. Stone is a pseudonym for life. Andrew J. Stone is a pseudonym for death. He hates the sun, sleeps under its shine. Previous publications include: Phantom Kangaroo, Full of Crow, Danse Macabre, Crack the Spine, Yes Poetry, The Toucan Mag, Magic Cat Press, The Rusty Nail, Negative Suck, Thousand Shades of Gray, Four & Twenty, With Painted Words, Short, Fast, & Deadly, and many more. He recently finished an ekphrastic chap of poetry and is seeking publication. He dwells where the graveyard is always full at: http://andrewjstone.blogspot.com/

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