Went to high school...
By Scott Harmon

Allow me to introduce myself. The name's Womfat, Wizzle Womfat. I know, it's one of those boring names. I wish my parents had named me something snazzy like Waddy Wampum. Sigh...life is unfair occasionally. Sorry I'm rambling. Not! The point is I went to high school today, you know how it is. Got harassed by the peaceful pink feminists. You know, the ones that’s got to be surrounded by their pink chi 24/7? What a drag! Luckily I had a load of homework that I didn’t do. Made my day awesome. I’m being serious fool! Anyways, with a capital Q, I ran into my buddy, but it turned out he was in a semi fluxiant state of high matter disintegration. Dang woman! I can deal with a lot of things, but not that! Told him to go hit up some Karl Marx! That fixed him. And then! You wouldn’t believe who walked down the hall. It was those gosh dang wannabee illegal immigrants, with their ridiculous peasant costumes. All moaning about their parents having too much money and stuff. One claims to be Russian, the other Mexican, and the third Irish. It’s so stupid! Then they get into fights over who’s the best. Man high school is so awesome. I’m being serious fool!

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I'm 31 and I have been actively writing since 2005. I started out doing micro fiction(although not realizing it until later) and poetry. I progressed into longer short stories. I spend most of my time writing screenplays or comic books. I have a feature length written and other shorts, but right now I am outside of the actual business.

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