By Chad Stroup

So you have sucked all of the sanguine life from your peons; their chapped hands cannot serve your well-manicured ones any further. You have also made the unfortunate discovery that the blood of the poor carries far too many transmittable diseases to continue with its consumption.
Time to search for new and exciting sustenance!
(Try macaroon cookies, escargot, tofu lasagna, tuna sandwich with the crusts cut off.
Perhaps Monster Energy Drink®, pandan cake, filé gumbo, un burrito de frijoles sin manteca. Cheap labor, persons who are not considered legal and will not be missed.)
You must attempt to forget about the lust of the kill, the teething sex, the finely starched white collar that makes you who you are. Sweat replaced by the coldness of machines that think.You must sacrifice what it means to be human in order to thrive.

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I am an MFA Creative Writing Student with a focus in fiction at San Diego State University. I enjoy twisting the possibilities of the darker side of fiction. I also run a blog at http://subvertbia.blogspot.com/

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